SiriSat / Julia Claire: Lead and backing Vocals, music, lyrics, piano and Guitar.
Carles Reig: Music, production and arrangements. Drums, flutes, synthesizers , programming, backing vocals and percussion.
Pep Rius: Electric and acustic guitars.
Ernesto Briceño: Violin.
Raphael Zweifel: Cello en "Vidas Plateadas".
Miguel Redón: Electric guitar in "ohm spirit sound"
Edited by ohm spirit sound ©
Recorded and mixed in ohm spirit sound studios
Mixed by: Carles Reig y Rod Boyd
*Song "Ohm spirit sound" mixed by Andreu Ferrer
Mastering: Andreu Ferrer
Design: Juanma García Escobar
Fhotos: Andreu Adrover y Ana Caparrós