VOICE Dic.1995
TERRA Ekos de Otra Era
Terra is a band made up of two artists with a great deal of experience. Carles Reig has been collaborating during 19 years with many bands and playing as a session musician. He has played, among others, with the band Fugitivos.
Ricardo Pons also has a long professional career with 22 years of experience. He played with Mam, Boomerang, Eucalyptus and Corresponsal en Beirut. Their philosophy of musical creation is this of writing songs that will make your imagination fly and take you to a new futurist and cosmic era. And they really achieve the objective! What' s more, their compositions radiate intense warmth, an inherent symphonism that arouses powerful epic sensations of adventure and romanticism. They use synthesizers but also guitars and other instruments.
Their style is near to cosmic music but they don't follow the most abstract and deep ways of this genre. They transmit all this sensations of mystery and wonder trough their melodies. Other aspects nearest to pop or techno music constitute additional ways of expression that add even more richness to their music.
Jorge Munnshe Colomer

Carlos Reig: Music, production, arrangements, keyboards, programming, english flute and drums. Co-founder of the band Terra
Ricard V. Pons: Music, programming M-1, piano. Co-founder of the band Terra

Paco Benagues: Recording technician.
Paco Román: acoustic guitar in "Rosa del desierto"
Tina: Violin in "Lusitania"