At last a Spanish band that brings -with a New Age flavour and an excellent quality- splendid songs in one of the best albums that has nothing to envy to international instrumental music. Terra is made up of seven musicians that will transpose you with their electronic, classic and folk music to a missed land, a land where freedom, beauty and nature reign. Among the twelve soft, relaxing and glooming themes we find a warm and soft voice. We want to emphasize on "Paradís de les cigonyes" a song extracted from the television program "Hidrogen". Carles Reig and Ricard V.Pons composed most of the pieces included in this album, except for "El mago" (The Wizard) in which Julia Claire helped them. The strange thing about this is that they respected the title of every song in the language that was written. So we find songs written in Spanish, Catalan, English, and Arabic. The musicians that took part in this recording are: Chandra Naraine (ethnic percussion), Julia Claire (lead vocal), Jordi Pauli (soprano and tenor sax), Ernesto Briceño (acoustic and electric violin), Juan José Barreda (Spanish guitar), Irene Cesar (backing vocals) Xumo (backing vocals) y Mustafá (backing vocals in the song 'N'zo M'Da'). This production made on last year December is launched now hoping it will have a great receiving among the new age audience.

Carlos Reig: Music, production, programming, synthesizers, arrangements, flutes, percussion and backing vocals. Co-founder of the band Terra.
Julia Claire / SiriSat: Lead and backing vocals and Author of the letters of "El Flautista" and " El Mago".
Ricard.V. Pons / Odracir Lavid: Music, programing synthesizers, piano, backing vocals and bouzouky. Co-founder of the band Terra
Ernesto Briceño: Acoustic and electric violin.
Chandra Naraine: African, Hindi and middle east percussions.
Jordi Pauli: Soprano and tenor sax.
Irene Cesar: Lead and backing vocals in "Derviche".
Juan José Barreda: Spanish guitar in "Atlantis".
Xumo: Lead and backing vocals in "N'Zo M'Da".
Sergio Soler / Checho: Direction, mixing and mastering
CD Recorded in the studies: AUDIO-LINES in 1997.
Reedited by Ohm Spirit Sound in 2003